From December 2014 Primary Care are able to provide blood tests and vaccinations by a fully qualified Registered Nurse at our office in Gosforth.

Vaccinations are available to everyone – you don’t have to work for Primary Care – please see vaccinations for more information

This is good news for Primary Care and for our staff - no more lengthy waits to start working – vaccinations can be scheduled conveniently around registration and training and records can be updated immediately.

Healthcare Staff are potentially exposed to air-borne and blood-borne viruses daily in their working environment. It is therefore very important for them to be suitably vaccinated to protect themselves, their patients, co-workers and their families.

Healthcare Workers have a Duty of Care towards their patients which includes taking reasonable precautions to protect them from communicable diseases.

Immunisations will:

  • Protect Healthcare workers and their family from occupationally acquired infections.
  • Protect patients and service users, including vulnerable patients who may not respond well to their own immunisations.
  • Protect other Healthcare staff.
  • Allow for the efficient running of services without disruption.

By getting vaccinated Healthcare workers are not only reducing the risk of getting the particular virus themselves, they are also reducing the risk of affecting family and colleagues.

Protected staff will also be keeping the virus away from patients who may be more vulnerable due to underlying medical conditions.

Please see our Vaccinations page for more details.