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Maintaining immunity in Healthcare Workers helps prevent transmission of vaccine-preventable diseases to and from staff and patients.

For workers potentially exposed to blood-borne and air-borne viruses, such as Healthcare Staff, immunisation is an appropriate measure. Healthcare Workers have a Duty of Care towards their patients which includes taking reasonable precautions to protect them from communicable diseases.

Immunisation will:

  • Protect the individual and their family from occupationally acquired infection.
  • Protect patients and service users, including vulnerable patients who may not respond well to their own immunisation.
  • Protect other Healthcare staff.
  • Allow for the efficient running of services without disruption.

Primary Care follow the guidelines and procedures set out in the Department of Health’s Green Book.

Vaccinations clinics held twice a week - please call 0191 284 7001 Monday - Friday between 9am - 5pm to make an appointment